Versatile Mobiles’ Carrier 
The Hands Free touchscreens’ UI mobile solution
Versatile carrier acting as:

- Detachable Twin Arm Belts acting as Kickstand.
- Withstand 5 fingers operation.

Multi-location fits people's hand, forearm, bicep & Vertical or Horizontal.
On Wrist APP: the best & safest way for presentation or on the move.
Case w/Detachable & Extendable Twin Arm Belts.
With Position Fixer, no slip away.
- Easy on & off Arm.
Best carrier for video calling: "Face Time"…
Extendable Twin arm belts for extra need. Or replacement during wash.
Inward closures avoid unexpected opening.
Rugged structure stick arm better during exercise.
Constrains muscle strength to arm belt, avoid mobile device & its compartment from the pressure & damage during exercise.

- With Anti-Scratch optical full Window (PVC-free). Direct view & surf.
- Support multi-touch (embody 1 ~ 4 & 5 fingers pinch to zoom)Easy texting, sleek sliding, navigate & write.
- Boundless & Compact design 360° easy click & plug.
- 360° Access: In & Out instantly.

Cinema Seat:  
- Twin Arm Belts for vertical or horizontal holding to car seat's headrest poles.
Easy to clean:
 - Detachable design easy cleans both window sides.
- Fully detachable structure easy wipe off every parts.
360° bumper offer full body & screen protection.
Adjustable Handheld’s  Compartment:as Portfolio, Keycard holder, credit cards & $notes…
As screen cleaning glove.
- Easy adjust to snug the device (Universal).
- With or without a device’s case or bumper.
- Most-mobiles-compatible.