Q: I’d love one that I could just stick my **Case Slider into,

A: ARMBAND.mobi provides:Adjustable Handheld’s Compartmentfor Flexible space for devices' capabilities & storage.Accommodate handheld with or without case.

    But touch screen will be less sensitive due to the thickness of the case will create a space in between the touch screen and clear window. 

Q: Some armbands are difficult to put on & take off…

    A: ARMBAND.mobi provides: User-friendly adjustable & extendableTwin Arm Belts

for biceps or forearm, as kickstand & replacement during washing. Easy on/off arm. 

Q: Most armbands are limited to the iPhone…

A: ARMBAND.mobi provides: On Wrist Apps w/ 360° Access & Full detachable Anti-Scratch Window(PVC-freeUniversal Handheld Carrier. For easy access & navigation. Most-mobiles-compatible. 

Q: Some armbands are very difficult to put iPhone in or take out. Dust, dirt frequently gets trapped under window.

        A: ARMBAND.mobi provides:

- On Wrist Apps w/ 360° Access & Full detachable Anti-Scratch Window (PVC-freeUniversal Handheld Carrier.

- For easy access & navigation.

- Detachable design for easy adjust to snug the device & easy to clean.

Q: Some armbands let my phone falling out while running…

A: ARMBAND.mobi provides: Inward velcro closures on all directions,avoid unexpected case opening

Q: Tore the silicone on some armbands while trying to wrap it around the Phone.

A: ARMBAND.mobi with technical breakthrough of:

- Detachable Anti-Scratch clear window carrier

Seamless & non-glued of PVC-freeclear window.

Q: Most armbands’ plastic sticks to the Phone screen and it's nearly impossible to pull Phone out of the case to clean it. The screen appears dirty all the time.

A: ARMBAND.mobi provides:

- On Wrist Apps w/ 360° Access & Full detachable Anti-Scratch Window (PVC-freeUniversal Handheld Carrier.

- For easy access & navigation.

- Detachable design for easy adjust to snug the device & easy to clean.

Q: Some armband is too tight to get the phone in or out.

A: ARMBAND.mobi provides:  Detachable design for easy adjust to snug the device & easy access.

Q: Some armbands access to the external parts of the phone are hard. Docking is a big pain because of the mesh over the dock connector.
ARMBAND.mobi provides Case lifting & open edge design for:
          Easy access to the external parts 
of the mobile.
              -          360° Easy in & out or click & plug.

Q: Like to have an armband capable on upper-arm & wrist, may also for other occasions?
ARMBAND.mobi provides linkable twin arm belts design for:
         With adjustable  working length from: about 4" (10cm) to 18" (45cm),

              -          This shall sufficiently cover most people needs for: Upper-arm or Wrist or Car-sunshield or Car-seat or …etc. 
Q: Some phones slipped through the bottom of the armband while running…
ARMBAND.mobi provides: Inward velcro closures on all directions, avoid unexpected case opening.
Q: Does the protective plastic cover on this armband allow for use of the touchscreen on my Phone?
    A: Yes, it does. The touchscreen works almost the same even through the clear plastic of ARMBAND.mobiEasy texting & navigation.

Q: How ARMBAND.mobi handles sweating during exercise?
ARMBAND.mobi provides: 

               -          Case lifting design to reduce the skin contact surface.
          Open edge
 design prevents handheld submerged in sweats.
          Rugged structure armbelt
 stick arm better during exercise.
          Twin arm belts for replacement during washing or extension.

Q: Is it strong enough to walk around with arm hanging down and moving without dropping the phone?
ARMBAND.mobi provides: 

               -          Inward velcro closures on all directions, prevent unexpected armcase opening.
          Rugged structure armbelt stick arm better during exercise.
During field-test, when armcase caught by Trolley at the shopping mall, only earphone   cord was apart from device and armcase remains on arm.
          Please located the armcase in-between arm and body, avoid unexpected armbelt opening. Even armbelt were unexpected opened, the phone still protected by the transparent top case.

Q: Can I make mobile conference with your armband?

A: On wrist design capable to let you hand-free. With clear Anti-Scratch Window (PVC-freeARMBAND.mobimay be the best carrier for mobile conference. 

Q: Have iPhone & Android phones at same time, can I use your armband for both of them?

A: Yes! ARMBAND.mobi patented design compatible with most touch phones & easy snug with:

    AB1-iP for size up to: 119X 65 mm for iPhone 4S & iPod Touch 4 (or their predecessor) version

    AB1-AA for size up to: 109X 55 mm

    AB1-TX-Pd2 for size up to: 241 X 186 mm 

Q: Where can I purchase one?

     A: Sorry for keep you waiting. Currently, samples are evaluating by major Telecoms and Dealers; hope to have them on the shelf soon. Before then, will serve you directly via: (with Postal Tracking Service)

Air parcel shipping:

About 1 (to: USA) ~3 weeks to most areas.

EMS shipping:

About 4 (to: USA) ~7 working days to major countries.

Payment method:


    Please mail to consumer@armband.mobi for which item and quantity you are interested & the country you're from? Will then offer you the best.